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Balsam Fir shines beyond the holidays

There may be a time when you remember being around Pine trees and feeling instantly calm and at ease. These magnificent trees have a way of bringing about a sense of peace and a calmness that just can’t be found anywhere else. As the wind swishes through their branches, the air becomes clean, and your body relaxes as you inhale the magical scent of the Pine. A good walk in the forest can create a serious sense of peace and during the holidays we create this in our homes by bringing these beautiful fir trees inside, we decorate our homes with pine boughs and the scent freshens the air and alleviates stress and anxiety.

These beautiful pines have more to offer us beyond just their pleasant scent and their spirit lifting green color during the darkest days of the year.

Balsam fir has been used medicinally for centuries in many ways to heal the body as well as the spirit. It's an essential ingredient in our Loosey Goosey muscle and joint warming rub. As a spirit lifter the scent is calming and relaxing, it's a great oil to diffuse in the home as it also purifies the air and helps to alleviate a cold by improving respiratory function.

The Chippewa used Balsam fir in several ways. They would use it as an analgesic by melting the gum on warm stones and inhale the fumes for headaches. They would use the root to create a decoction and use it as an herbal steam for rheumatic joints. The Iroquois made an external steam from a decoction of branches used as a bath for stiff joints. These days, we use the essential oil of Balsam fir in Loosey Goosey Muscle and Joint Warming Rub to help reduces stiffness in muscles and joints. Along with Cayenne, lemongrass, copaiba, arnica, and wintergreen, Balsam Fir shines as a super hero plant that will help you find relief from sore muscles, headaches and stiff joints.

At Bodelevy Botanicals we love utilizing the gifts of nature to bring a sense of peace and well being to your home. Thank you for being a part of this botanical journey, we are thankful to be here with you!

References: Native American Medicinal Plants by Daniel E. Moerman

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