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Beauty from the Earth

Everyone deserves safe effective beauty products that make them walk with confidence and joy. Choosing products made with exclusively natural ingredients ensures your health and the wellness of the people you love. We believe wholeheartedly that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body. Check out the awesome tea recipe below to sip your way to better skin.

Our premier product from Bodelevy Botanical is the Bumps Be Gone Smoothing Balm and we use very simple ingredients known to relieve and solve the issues of bumpy skin related to keratosis pilaris. It also works well on acne and irritations around the face!

It is important to use natural products on you skin, it's also super important to put good ingredients into your body! Processed and mass produced chemicals found in many products are bad for the earth and generally these products contain endocrine disrupters such as parabens, benzophenones, bisphenols, and phthalate esters which are harmful for you.

Skin Tea Recipe

Choose organic ingredients always!

In a glass jar combine:

1 cup spearmint leaf – spearmint helps balance hormones and contains potassium and vitamin C which are both essential for maintaining collagen.

¾ cup raspberry leaf – Helps to repair skin tissue

¼ cup organic rose petals – the ancient skin beauty herb is scientifically proven to act as a powerful anti-inflammatory topically and internally.

¼ cup nettle leaf -helps to detoxify and flush the system

2 tbs Oat Straw - Oats are high in silica, calcium, B vitamins, and flavonoids all important for skin health.

Shake of cinnamon – for taste

Brew 2 Tablespoons of this mix per 8 ounces of hot water, sip and enjoy while thinking beautiful thoughts about a peaceful joyful world. You’ll have better skin and radiate beauty from the inside out! Store the dry mixture in a jar and enjoy this tea daily.

These ingredients can be sourced from


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