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Do you have under-eye puffiness?

Bumps Be Gone Overnight Smoothing Balm can reduce the puffiness under your eyes.

close up of girls face left eye

Dab a little BBG under your eyes at night

And look younger and more refreshed in the morning.

I get under-eye puffiness for lots of reasons:

close up of freckled girl face left eye


after effect from headache

eating the wrong thing

too much time in the swimming pool .

No matter why your under-eye area gets puffy

try Bumps Be Gone Overnight Smoothing Balm under your eyes

and wake up with more confidence.

With our unique blend of essential oils and zinc BBG has more uses beyond reducing the effects of keratosis pilaris on your arms and legs.

BBG reduces peri-oral dermatitis.

BBG improves tinea versicolor.

BBG improves the look of broken capillaries.

BBG even releives discomfort from bug bites.

Here are our key ingredients that improve keratosis pilaris, under eye bags, tinea versicolor, broken capillaries, and peri-oral dermatitis, and itching and swelling from bug bites.

finger dabbing an open jar of bodelevy

Shea butter- The outstanding base for body balm: nourishing, anti-inflammatory, oil balancing, improves circulation and growth of healthy skin cells.

Coconut oil- The solution for everything: anti-inflammatory, keratin reducing.

Jojoba oil- Sealing it all in: boosts collagen production, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant.

Zinc- The great leveler: reduces the build up of keratin around the hair follicle.

Candelilla wax- Holds it all together: for blending a vegan product and helping the ingredients absorb and stick to your skin.

Vitamin E- our “preservative”. Also an essential vitamin for healthy skin.

Yarrow- The Hero Herb: wound healer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, contains the soothing properties of azulene, redness reducing, improves circulation and growth of healthy skin cells.

Chamomile- The great calmer: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, soothing chamazulene, reduces redness.

Calendula- The great healer: antioxidant, skin builder.

Try Bumps Be Gone Overnight Smoothing Balm and tell us know how it worked for you.

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