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Freedom to Bare Your Arms!

Hot days are here, and here at Bodelevy Botanicals we want you to feel good in your skin. We encourage you to walk through life with the confidence to let your arms and other areas show and glow with a smooth even skin tone.

We are halfway through the year, and well into the summer vibes and I’m happily enjoying the season of short sleeves.

In the past I dreaded the hot days.

As someone who used to suffer from the visible signs of keratosis pilaris I was not a fan of letting my arms show. These days, I enjoy wearing tank tops and strappy dresses without feeling like I need to hide my arms. Thanks to the topical use of this fancy little balm, I can actually say I feel free to let my arms be bare!

It’s incredible how these days I feel confident and happy in my skin. With the daily use of Bodelevy Bumps Be Gone, I feel as though my skin is supported and nourished in many ways, I like to dab it on everywhere. I even use Bumps Be Gone on my face to alleviate the symptoms of perioral dermatitis which allows me to show my face with more confidence.

This Fourth of July we are celebrating freedom in many ways. It’s nice that we can choose to freely walk around without masks these days, but my nursing friends will still be wearing them day in and day out on their shifts. I am thrilled to report it has also been helping them with their “maskne” the super irritating acne symptoms that go along with wearing a mask day in and day out. The shea butter and coconut oil combo create a barrier between the mask and the face while using key essential oils like blue yarrow and blue chamomile which are both cooling and soothing to the skin as well as antibacterial.

Bodelevy Bumps Be Gone has many benefits, anywhere you have red bumpy skin, dab it on, feel the relief and feel free to bare your arms, show your face, smile big and cruise confidently through the summer days!

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