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How I got rid of bumpy skin on my legs and arms

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Clearer skin is achievable using our uncomplicated plant powered formula. With simple ingredients and a unique formula, Bumps Be Gone Overnight Smoothing Balm can help you achieve short sleeves with confidence!

We are so lucky to live in these beautiful bodies and enjoy this time on earth. However, there were times in my life when I didn't think my body was actually beautiful. I'm 38 and happy to share with you that I love my body now.

Took a while.

I remember being a teenage girl sitting on a picnic table at a campground in Death Valley, California, with my (still) best friend talking about the bumps on the backs of our arms. We called it “U.G.S”. Short for, “Ugly Girl Syndrome”. I spent years and years wearing long sleeves to cover my upper arms, even on the hottest days, because I did not want people to see the backs of my arms.

Arms open on a vista

Today, I can confidently wear short sleeves and not mind what my arms look like, because I know they look good! I love that they are soft. The reddish bumps that I had once hidden are gone and I owe these results to our wonderful product called Bumps Be Gone Overnight Smoothing Balm. I am excited for you to add Bumps Be Gone to your skin care regimen.

In my 20’s I found out that there is a condition called keratosis pilaris. The symptoms of this skin irritation are the same ones that we called, “Ugly Girl Syndrome”. I now know that many people have signs of this imbalance on their arms, and their thighs and backs. Not just females, but males as well. “U.G.S.” had a clinical name and it wasn’t just my teenage hormones that had caused it.

As I matured I tried everything to get rid of the bumps on the back of my arms and legs. I couldn’t find anything that really worked. While creating a moisturizer I happened upon a formula that does work and now you get to enjoy the benefits of it as well! This new creation of mine became an important part of our daily lives when we realized that it improved the appearance of and softened keratosis pilaris on the backs of our arms and legs.

Something that had bothered me for most of my adult life finally had a solution. Bumps Be Gone Overnight Smoothing Balm, my creation, fits in with my intention to use only natural plant based products on my skin.

I am excited that from this desire to create clean products for my own body, Bodelevy Botanicals was born so that other people who also wish to use only natural plant based products on their skin, have new solutions.

From my desire to use quality easy ingredients sourced from the knowledge of nature, Bodelevy Botanicals bloomed into creation. We are a woman owned company focused on making products that encourage you to love your body and bring confidence to your human experience. Our product was developed in Mammoth Lakes, California from a simple homemade balm that I made which proved to be incredibly efficient at soothing and calming a variety of skin issues. And now we are a recognized brand known for plant based products.

Bumps Be Gone is the first product we launched, it is the leader in our Bodelevy Body line up. Look at our Loosey Goosey Warming Muscle and Joint Rub. This is the first addition to our Bodelevy Better product line. Stay tuned for more helpful products. Coming soon, we are working on a hydrating shea butter shower scrub and a daytime soothing sealer that complements the overnight smoothing balm.

Thank you for being a part of this journey in the love for natural skin care.

In peace, with joy, I wish you a wonderful experience as you integrate Bodelevy Botanicals into your life!

Grab a jar of Bumps Be Gone Overnight Soothing Balm for yourself, and tell your friends so they can join you on this journey with us. Thank you!

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