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How to Use Bumps Be Gone Overnight Smoothing Balm

A multi-functioning, herbal, skin soothing, potent plant powered balm that enhances your skin any where you use it.

Bodelevy Bumps Be Gone was originally created to solve the uncomfortable issues that go along with Keratosis Pilaris, a red, rough, bumpy skin condition that my childhood bestie and I used to call Ugly Girl Syndrome. I wish I could tell that young girl that she is not ugly, she is beautiful, but I felt like I had to hide my arms for most of my life.

My keratosis pilaris disappeared with consistent use of Bumps Be Gone (my body shows zero signs of the condition now). When the rough bumpy skin disappeared, I still had half a jar, and I started to use it on other red irritated skin issues that would pop up now and then.

Occasionally, weather conditions and hormone fluctuations would cause the skin around my nose to erupt into a red rash of Peri-oral Dermatitis, luckily I had a jar of Bumps Be Gone and one day it occurred to me to use it on the rash. I found relief and felt like I could actually show my face again!

During the creation of the original formula, I would give samples to friends to try on their different issues and we found that it works well not only on Peri-oral Dermatitis, but it also eliminates severe acne. We have also found that it works well on “maskne”. Friends report that it also evens out the skin tone on red broken capillaries that present themselves on the nose as well as relieves and erases tinea versicolor.

How to use bumps be gone:

Step 1: Commit to buying a jar so you have it when you need it

Step 2: Use a little bit or a lot depending on where you need it.

  • Dab it around your nose to relieve and erase perioral dermatitis flare ups.

  • Dollop a nickel size amount onto the backs of your arms to relieve and smooth out keratosis pilaris.

  • Dot it onto acne spots at the first sign of a pimple or zit.

  • Smear it all over your face nightly to eliminate severe acne, wash off in the morning.

  • Dab it onto patches of tinea versicolor to kill off the fungi that affects the skin.

  • Rub it onto armpits or other areas you experience razor burn and red bumps after shaving.

All of these skin issues can cause us to feel less than confident in our skin. We want you to glow and feel fantastic in your body. That is why Bodelevy Botanicals is committed to creating products that make you feel good in your skin resulting in a boost in your confidence as you go about life! When you feel good, everyone around you feels good, and that makes the world a better place!

Check out this post to read about the superpowers of the individual plants within the formula.

We love hearing about your Bumps Be Gone Experience so please feel free to send us a story about how it has helped you and what you love to use it on!

With peace, in joy, we wish you all the best!

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