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Get LOOSE with LOOSEY GOOSEY warming muscle and joint rub

Announcing the first product in our Bodelevy Better line:

Loosey Goosey Warming Muscle and Joint Rub

Coming Summer 2021

Loosey Goosey Warming Muscle and Joint Rub uses the power of essential oils to bring relief anywhere you feel pain.

With lemongrass oil for muscle recovery and cayenne for warmth you can use Loosey Goosey as often as needed with no minty smell.

woman on massage table

Use Loosey Goosey during your massage.

knee therapy

Loosey Goosey relieves pain from injuries.

foot massage

Rub Loosey Goosey on your feet.

tension headache

Loosey Goosey calms your headache.

woman plank exercise

Use Loosey Goosey after exercise.

Every ingredient in Loosey Goosey has healing properties. Starting with the anti- inflammatory base for this rub: Mango seed butter, Hemp seed oil, Manuka Honey,

Coconut oil, and Aloe Vera, all are good for your skin and create a pathway to bring the healing oils to reduce pain and tension anywhere you need relief.

Lavender and Chamomile calm you down and help you relax so that the arnica, lemongrass, white fir, wintergreen, and, copaiba can go to work.

Cayenne warms you up and increases blood flow to promote healing.

Loosey Goosey has no minty smell. The power of wintergreen oil is balanced with lemongrass to create a rub that makes you smell good while healing. Plant based analgesics mean that you can use Loosey Goosey warming muscle and joint rub as often as needed.

Bodelevy Botanicals created the Bodelevy Better line of products to showcase the particular healing solutions we are cooking up: Tough Cookie - Scar Reducing Cream;

Just Breathe - Chest Congestion Rub; Nailed It! - Cuticle and Nail Repair.

Loosey Goosey Warming Muscle and Joint Rub was created at Bodelevy Botanicals by Courtney Green to alleviate pain from a fractured L5. And now, it is the go to solution for tired and sore Firefighters in California

Smell good while getting better with Loosey Goosey Warming Muscle and Joint Rub.

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