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Melt away the day

Loosey Goosey Warming Muscle and Joint Rub

melts the day away.

With tried and true natural ingredients known for hundreds of years to help ease and relax painful, tired and sore muscles.

We all work hard in our own ways

Maybe you are on your feet all day, maybe you sit at your desk all day. Maybe you are recovering from surgery or suffer from chronic pain in certain areas and you just want the pain to ease up. Maybe staring at the computer, or driving long hours, or maybe you're building houses. Possibly you've been playing outside all day, or you hit the gym and had a big workout. Whatever it is that puts you in a place of sore muscles, headaches or painful experiences within your body, Loosey Goosey works quickly to take it all away.

I've been moving non stop for the last 6 weeks

Boxes after boxes, mostly loading them and unloading them by myself, multiple trips, and lugging them all over into a house with concrete floors. When one is moving, it's only natural to move all of the things multiple times all over the house until they fit into just the right spot.

All of this while caring for a family of 5 and enduring a broken toe.

How did I do it? Deep breaths and Loosey Goosey. At the end of the day, Loosey Goosey Warming Muscle & Joint Rub on my feet, legs and lower back. In the morning, right out of bed, Loosey Goosey on my feet, legs and lower back.

Just now, I sat down to work on the computer. Since I haven't had time to keep up my normal yoga and running routine, my core is getting a little weak, my back is starting to hurt. Naturally, I put Loosey Goosey on my back, and now I can sit here and do the work needed to continue being productive. It's great, and it works!

With a desire to help ease your stress and relax the effort you put into the day we are excited to announce that Loosey Goosey is here to help you enjoy life, pain free!

We are looking forward to supporting your body as you navigate this beautiful life in your fantastic human body. Check out the ingredients and more facts about this awesome product here!

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