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Natural Pain Relief

Imagine the day when you can feel pain relief without over the counter medications. There is a way to achieve mental and physical release from muscle and joint pain without relying on pill type pain relievers. As always, nature holds the key to our wellbeing, nature whispers, and then you have to be willing to listen and receive the messages. It's amazing that at one time in human history they lived in harmony with nature, and experienced a life that was quiet enough to be able to hear the messages plants had to offer. Surely this came with quite a bit of trial and error, and it's important to honor and appreciate the humans who discovered the original foundations of plant medicine.

Once upon a time, willow bark was used for teeth pain, the compounds of willow bark were later transformed into a pill form, and what a modern miracle Aspirin was for people! Suddenly you didn't need to find a willow tree, or a healer with dried willow bark in their medicine pouch, you could buy it in a bottle! While that was a great invention, it took us a little farther away from our innate ability to live harmoniously with the natural world, leading us to believe that humans could do the work of nature's gifts. Today, around 11% of the drugs considered 'basic' and 'essential' by the World Health Organization originated in the realm of flowering plants.

Modern medicine has it's place, and it's been a great advancement for the human race, but is it really necessary or even good for humans to rely on over the counter or pharmaceutical pain relievers? Not always, and certainly not daily.

Arnica with sun shimmering through the trees

Arnica is one of those plants that traditionally humans have relied upon as a muscle and joint anti inflammatory. Arnica is used to temporarily relieve muscle pain and stiffness caused by minor injuries, overexertion like carrying heavy bags, shoveling, hard labor, yard work, home improvement projects, or falls. It's great after a long hike, or a big workout to relieve muscle soreness. It’s a favorite for. active seniors. Many of our customers say Loosey Goosey which contains arnica works well for post work out recovery, and back pain related to minor injuries or sleeping wrong. It works well for stiffness related to arthritis, or from sitting too long at a computer or in a car or plane when traveling.

Over time the use of over the counter pain relievers can negatively affect the health of certain organs like your kidneys and your liver. It makes sense to explore the gifts that nature has given us and reach for natural pain relievers that contain superhero plants like arnica!

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