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Razor Burn Quick Fix!

A Smooth Bikini Line is Easy

lady in a swimsuit sitting on a rock

Getting ready for the warmer days that are sure to come in the months ahead?

The birds are chirping and life is waking up all over this part of the earth, trees are blooming and green sprouts are pushing their way up through the debris left behind by winter.

With the warmer days, ladies are tempted to start getting ready for bathing suits and men might be trimming back the beard and cleaning up the neckline a bit.

But what about those pesky red razor burn bumps?

Trimming the bikini line and cleaning up the winter beard require some form of shaving, and then after shaving, there's the dreaded red bumps left behind. Luckily, Bodelevy Bumps Be Gone works really well at quickly soothing the skin and calming the affected areas. Seriously, it's that easy.

Both Men and Women suffer the side effects of shaving, to prevent this from happening, it’s always a good idea to exfoliate and moisturize any area you plan to shave in the future.

Sometimes these preventative measures don’t work, and when you’re still left with bumpy red skin, go ahead and apply some Bumps Be Gone Overnight Smoothing Balm and you will find instant relief. This is such a gift and another reason to have this handy red bump erasing balm on your bathroom counter at all times.

For men, it works great on the neckline after trimming away the winter beard!

Why does it work so well?

Plant super heroes like calendula yarrow and chamomile work with zinc to quickly heal the skin.

Zinc is known as a topical protectant, it works it’s magic by providing astringent, antiseptic and skin regenerating properties.

Zinc is amazing, just a few of the skin services it provides are:

  • regenerate cells

  • balance the skins oil production

  • Enhance collagen synthesis

  • Regenerate connective tissue

  • Balances skin tone

Along with the zinc, Calendula soothes the skin and then there's the healing and anti inflammatory properties of yarrow and chamomile.

Bodelevy Bumps Be Gone has so many beneficial uses, but you can't use it if you don't have it, and generally when you have skin behaving in an irritated, red bumpy fashion, you want to fix the problem quickly. The solution is in a jar of Bumps Be Gone Overnight Smoothing balm.

As always, we encourage you to love your body in every way, in the event there's red bumpy skin getting in the way of your love and relationship with your body, it's important to know that we are here for you, and that's why we created a powerful skin loving formula that uses zero chemicals.

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