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Rudolf Nose

Crisp mornings, cozy sweaters, spicy teas, pumpkin bread, and a runny nose!

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Feels good to have fall in the air, and along with the change in weather, some of us have been reunited with a stuffy nose. It's the time of year when you are more likely to catch a cold, or in my case, the old familiar sinusitis which haunts me every year around this time. Luckily, along

with an arsenal of herbs,

I have Bodelevey Bumps Be Gone within my reach to assist me in all things red and rashy!

Even if puffs does make super soft tissues, my nose still gets red and some mornings I feel like Rudolf and I have more in common than just knowing who the real Santa is!

Luckily, when my nose gets a red and bumpy frame around it I know to reach for Bodelevy Bumps Be Gone. With super heroes like Calendula, Blue Chamomile and Blue Yarrow I can dab a little on, and the red irritated skin is soothed and smoothed, within the hour, it goes away!

I first found out the blessings of Bumps Be Gone and how it works on the red rash symptoms around the nose because I struggled with Peri-oral Dermatitis for years. These days, it's no longer an embarrassing issue for me. If the rash pops up at all, I apply a bit of Bumps Be Gone and it works it's magic by soothing my skin and calming the inflamed area around my nose.

The nice thing about Bumps Be Gone, is that in our formula we use natural plant based ingredients, not petroleum based ingredients like some other skin protectant ointments, so your pores will not clog and result in other issues.

I always have Bodelevy Bumps Be Gone within reach so that I can use it at the first onset of anything red and rashy. I travel with it, I use it on my kids, I use it on my husband, I use it all over my own body, the reason it works is because I have it in my reach. You can't use it if you don't have it, so go grab yourself a jar here and the next time you find yourself face to face with red inflamed skin, you've got it ready to apply for quick relief!

We are grateful to be on this botanical journey with you. You are appreciated and loved. We hope that you are filled with peace and joy today and everyday, integrating Bodelevy Botanicals into your life every step of the way!

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