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Short sleeves and soft skin

Ready to bare your arms?

Once upon a time I dreaded warmer weather!

My arms we bumpy, red, and rough. I was never ready to put on shorts and short sleeves.

In my teens, I didn't even know what this skin condition was called. I called it ugly girl syndrome.

I was chatting with a young lady the other day, we started talking about skin and she told me she hated her eczema. I asked her where her eczema was, she showed me the back of her arms. They were bumpy, red and rough. Apparently she didn't know what the skin condition was called either, because this was not eczema. I told her she has keratosis pilaris, and there's a balm that will smooth her arms and solve the issue quickly.

Yesterday, I gifted this young girl a jar of Bodelevy Bumps Be Gone Overnight Smoothing Balm. It's a balm we created to erase symptoms of keratosis pilaris, and it will help her skin balance itself and produce healthier skin. These days my arms and legs are smooth because I use Bumps Be Gone. I know this young woman will be able to find confidence and freedom earlier than I did. It will change her life and boost her confidence. And now she knows she doesn't have eczema, she has keratosis pilaris, and it's easy to get rid of with Bumps Be Gone.

Bare arms

Keratosis Pilaris

It's a skin condition that affects women AND men. People say it's harmless.

Well, as harmless as it is, having red bumpy rough skin really took a toll on my confidence. I would wear long sleeves all summer long. I would hide my legs. I didn't feel free.

What is Keratosis Pilaris?

This skin condition is created by an excess of a buildup of keratin, a hair protein, in the pores. If you have keratosis pilaris, the keratin of your body hair gets clogged in the pores, blocking the opening of growing hair follicles. As a result, a small bump forms over where a hair should be. If you were to pick at the bump, you may notice a small body hair emerge.

The exact cause of keratin buildup is unknown, but our special formula helps to remove the keratin build up and allows the skin to rebuild itself in a normal smooth way.

If you, or someone you know has keratosis pilaris and wants to be free of the skin condition and free to wear short sleeves, then please, grab a jar of Bumps Be Gone Overnight Smoothing Balm!

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