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What does Loosey Goosey Warming Muscle & Joint Rub smell like to you?

Loosey Goosey Warming Muscle & Joint Rub is made with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. Courtney Green created powerful pain relief especially for those people who are sensitive to minty smells. She created a perfect scent balance of wintergeen, lemongrass, white fir, and lavender essential oils resulting in a most delicious aroma.

So, what does it smell like? You tell us.

Write in to hello@bodelevy and tell us what it smells like to you and how it makes you feel.

blond woman smelling flowers on a tree outdoors

Some people (me) smell bubble gum.

Some people (hungry people) smell Thai food.

Some people (supertasters or hyperosmiacs) smell the lemongrass.

No matter what you smell Loosey Goosey will be equally effective at relieving pain, stiffness, soreness.

Loosey Goosey's natural scent brings a calming and relaxing feeling.

At the first twinge of pain, you will begin to crave the smell of Loosey Goosey.

. . . And then you will rub Loosey Goosey into the sore spot and your brain's olfactory cortex will register coming relief from the scent.

. . . And then the body will feel relief of pain from the magical power of plants.

Every ingredient in Loosey Goosey has healing properties. Starting with the anti- inflammatory base for this rub: Mango seed butter, Hemp seed oil, Manuka Honey,

Coconut oil, and Aloe Vera, all are good for your skin and create a pathway to bring the healing oils to reduce pain and tension anywhere you need relief.

Lavender and Chamomile calm you down and help you relax so that the arnica, lemongrass, white fir, wintergreen, and, copaiba can go to work.

open jar held aloft

Cayenne warms you up and increases blood flow to promote healing.

Loosey Goosey has no minty smell. The power of wintergreen oil is balanced with lemongrass to create a rub that makes you smell good while healing.

Buy some relief today.

Plant based analgesics mean that you can use

Loosey Goosey warming muscle and joint rub as often as needed.

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