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What is "Maskne"?!

For those of us on the front line serving the public in: education, the service industry, or healthcare, we've come to know masks as an every day part of our wardrobe. All day mask wearing can take a toll on our skin. It can lead to breakouts that have left unfortunate victims familiar with a new term called "maskne".

Hours a day on shift in a hospital, long days in a hot restaurant, or speaking all day into a mask in the classroom, can result in an uncomfortable and undesirable skin eruption that looks similar to acne, and there is help!

Your mouth is full of bacteria and as you breath out into the mask, bacteria stays in the mask and lands on your skin and sits on your skin and mixes with sweat. Breathing through your nose helps keep the bacteria in your mouth, and it's just over all better for your health to breathe through your nose, but there are many times when your mouth is open, and then you've got the perfect storm brewing for "maskne".

Enter Bodelevy Bumps Be Gone, it really does help with all things red and bumpy on your skin, it really shines on "maskne", traditional acne, perioral dermatitis, and keratosis pilaris.

Get rid of "maskne" by putting Bumps Be Gone on your face nightly. You will see it go away fairly quickly. Symptoms are drastically improved within the first night. Then use it once a week to keep the "maskne" from coming back. When used regularly Bumps Be Gone will also reduce the appearance of scars. You can't use Bumps Be Gone if you don't have in your medicine cabinet and in your travel bag. Trust me you want to keep Bumps Be Gone on hand for those unpredictable moments when red bumpy skin shows up on you, your family, or your friends!

Bumps Be Gone is incredibly handy to have around, it has a multitude of uses, and it has a soothing smell. Speaking of soothing smells... have you tried Loosey Goosey yet? The second I feel a headache coming on from wearing a mask, I rub a little bit on my collar bone pressure point, take a deep breath, let the plant magic do it's work, and it immediately takes the pain away! Stay tuned we will be offering a Bumps Be Gone and Loosey Goosey bundle soon and then your medicine cabinet will be stocked!

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